Community Involvement

Since re-opening this great bowling center in August 2018, we’ve been touched buy the unwavering support that our community friends and Law Enforcement have offered. With their support, we have matched their generous donations of time and sweat by offering:

  • over 3000 games that we’ve given to children of our community
  • over $20,000 financial investment to provide these games
  • a safe place for kids, families – everyone to bowl and eat without the presence of alcohol, drugs, and negative things that tear lives apart
  • we’ve gained assistance from BTES by providing more light in the parking areas to encourage safety and to deter those who want to undermine our values
  • we’ve become a friend to Bristol TN Police Department because they are now welcome on the premises with frequent patrols, walk-throughs, and they are just a phone call away
  • we are Church group friendly because we believe in the values that many Churches teach (faith, morals, community involvement, positivity, etc.)
  • our owners frequently take part in a faith-based efforts to reach the homeless in our community by providing donations, food, and man-hours to reach those who have been forgotten
  • we have contacts to help the needy and homeless in our community